LD 130 Loader Mmachine



The loader machine has the automatical function of grapping and feeding paper.The feeding roll can quickly grab the paper onto the worktable.The grab paper process is by infrared range, and the sensor test safely paper's location and height, to ensure the feeding process accurately and efficiently. It can reduce labor intensity,improve labor efficiency and improve the working accuracy . The machine working table with air balls devices , the process of up and down by the flat worm gear drive ball lead screw , guide-rail , ensure the worktable smooth and accurate . The worktable move around driven by a worm gear reducer drive rack , the guide-rail slider to make table moving easily . This machine has automatic , accurate and efficient feed , unloading advantages. It equip with Japan,Taiwan pneumaticcomponents,France,Germany,Japan,Korea electric components,PlC controller can monior all the electrical and mechanical section,adopt NSK bearing of low maintenance.

Technology data:

Model LD130
The largest feed specifications
cm 90*126
Paper pile maximum height cm 140
Max load Kg 200
Power consumption A 8A
Total machine power kg 3
Air requirement pressure bar 6-8
Gas consumption 1/min 4
Overall dimension cm 270*210*215
Paper cutteradapter specifcation cm 130/115/137
Weight kg 1200

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