GUOWEI is an enterprise of producing paper cutter professionally, from beginning to today,GUOWEI inherits past and inaugurate the future, insists to provide the most perfect solution for customer in craft and efficiency, so we develop core technique for competition all the Time relying strong mechanical technique and equipment to perform high precision safe and humanized production, making our customers in the position of leading the trend. 

Guowei company knows market dynamics well holds the pulse of the times heart services, Wona good reputation in the market and creates an excellent brand by actual strength professionalism and quality of service in the furious market competition, Guowei machinery insists everything from the reality, all for the customer.


GUOWEI: The World Leading Enterprise to 
Create a Better Future

Easier said than done.The real appearance of "World leading Enterprise" shows through the details .GUOWEI rich experience,Comprehensive professional knowledge and perfect service system satisfy the customer's energy demand now and future.

Experience accumulation is not achieved over night but a whole process For GUOWEI,experience is equal to more than 20years’efforts and dedication GUOWEI started from manufacturing and expanding domestic business scope over the years. Now GUOWEL has become a renowned international company worldwide. 

8 Application Fields
Applied range including paper sheet Plastic sheet Foil honeycomb board, cardboard. Carbon fiber laminate,leather,glassine and packing sheet ect. 

200 Successful Service Case
Guowei has a special business mode, which is personalized production. we provide customized service according to each customer’s specific way of production with the features of products .Customers are satisfied with the unique way, which solves the difficulty of production .That is exactly what Guowei is trying to do :focusing on customer ,providing the best solution for customers.


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